Encouraging and equipping Calvary Chapel pastors
to mentor prospective church planters for the furtherance of the Kingdom of Christ.

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Our desire is to offer free resources to assist in the planting of healthy Calvary Chapel churches that teach through the Bible and have a balanced view of the present work of the Holy Spirit in the Church today; churches that are associated theologically, philosophically, and relationally. To this end we have built a team of qualified church planting mentors to equip and encourage up-and-coming church planters to set out with confidence in the Lord and prospects for success.

If you are interested in joining our Church Planting Mentor team, please click here.

CCPN also provides Church Planting Intensive conferences to help further our mission.  Check out the content from our last intensive, ReEngage:14.

Calvary Church Planting Network does not affiliate pastors or churches with the Calvary Chapel family of Churches.  We are a network of like minded Calvary Chapel Pastors that desire to mentor and equip perspective church planters to plant churches with the theological and philosophical DNA of Calvary Chapel.  We seek to work with perspective church planters in connecting them with the Calvary Chapel Association, which can direct in the steps of affiliation with Calvary Chapel.

Calvary Church Planting Network offers some very useful resources for church planters and those who want to equip church planters. What they offer may be just what you need to further your call as a church planter, or to help those who have that calling.

Pastor David Guzik
Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara

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