CCPN Central Coast Roundtable Roundup

The Calvary Chapel Church Planting Network held a regional roundtable earlier this month for interested church-planters at Calvary Chapel Nexus in Camarillo, CA.

Pastor Bruce Zachary, Lead Pastor at CC Nexus, the host of Roundtable, began the time by addressing the urgent need in being intentional in church planting. He laid out a compelling case for the call to plant churches. Pastor Bruce has a gift in making the complex simple and readily accessible. He spoke to some church-planting myths that keep some current and potential pastors staled in getting started in this important aspect of discipleship.

In a short time, Pastor Bruce amply covered 1) Why We Should Plant, 2) Obstacles to Planting, 3) Resources for Planting. Several times he referenced the CCPN Church Planting Manual as a tool for mentors to equip future church planters.

Pastor Lance Ralston, Lead Pastor at Calvary Chapel Oxnard, in Southern California was the other Roundtable presenter. He spoke to the importance of quality leadership and the vital role of a well-articulated vision for church planters. Pastor Lance defined godly vision as, “A Spirit-inspired picture of a preferred future. It describes what we will be when we arrive at the destination God intends.”
Through his message Pastor Lance expressed church planting rises or falls on godly leadership and those who are leading need to know where they’re going. He said vision is the “Where” a leader needs to develop and share with those he’s leading. To help Church-Planting Pastors & Teams to know where they’re going and VISION for the church plant, Pastor Lance has developed a vision development tool free (like all CCPN resources) for download through the CCPN website.

What makes these Roundtable settings valuable is the connections that are made with potential church planters. Connecting planter with resources is an important part of expanding God’s kingdom. The opportunity for questions and answers that wraps up the session provides people with helpful insights and encouragement. Often people voiced a question, and discovered there are several others with precisely the same concern. With a room of several dozen mentors, fellow church planters and experienced senior pastors, the wisdom to be gleaned is considerable.

The feedback from the Roundtable in Camarillo strongly supports the idea these regional gatherings are integral to Calvary Chapel’s church planting mission. A schedule of future CCPN Roundtables across the globe and other opportunities to gather are on the CCPN website.

Many thanks to Pastor Bruce, Pastor Lance and the people of CC Nexus for hosting this CCCPN Roundtable.



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