Calvary Chapel: Name & Logo

a. Calvary Chapel: Calvary Chapel was the name of a small, non-denominational church in Orange County during the 60’s that was looking for a new pastor and asked Chuck Smith, a former Four- Square pastor, to become their new leader. They retained their name under his tenure. “Calvary” refers to the place of Jesus’ crucifixion [Latin Calvaria]. “Chapel” has the connotation for many of a small church building, a quaint setting for sincere devotion. Though several Calvary Chapels are large fellowships with thousands of members, the spiritual warmth they possess carries on the environment of a Chapel.

b. Selecting a name: Generic names [e.g. community church] are often used to attract people beyond a denominational boundary [e.g. Baptist becomes “community” and Presbyterian becomes “Bible”]. There are certain parts of the country where denominational names can greatly enhance attraction [e.g. Lutheran in the Northern part of the Midwest, Baptist in the South/Bible-belt.] Generally, denominational names are far less significant today than in prior generations. In some areas the name Calvary Chapel has strong “brand” significance, however in many areas there is no particular brand association.

c. Logo: An unique emblem for a local church can enhance that fellowship’s identity in a community. It also serves as a mark of identification for members.

i. Logos should quickly identify the church: Brand all print materials with the logo. Use a logo that reproduces well in various sizes. It should also reproduce well in gray-scale.

ii. The Calvary Chapel dove logo: The dove logo (also knowns as the
Maranahta! Dove) is the trademark-protected property of Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa and its use will be described below regarding affiliation.



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