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When my husband and I planted a church in 2008, we attended church planting conferences and read countless resources, but none specifically spoke to me as the church planter’s wife. I wanted direction and help as we approached the church planting process. Then when we actually planted the church, my want for resources turned to craving. I learn through reading, so I read books that encouraged my faith, such as missionary biographies and books about spiritual warfare. All along, however, I longed for a book that addressed the specific needs and struggles that I had as a church planting wife. I recognized that I played an integral role in the formation of the church and that my support would be crucial to our success. And I wanted to do it well.

There are countless women across the globe just like me: church planting wives standing beside church planters. Each of those women is just as important as her husband in launching the church, she is often the sole encourager for her husband, and she juggles intense ministry demands while also nurturing a family. And she wants to do it well.

In order to do it well, and because she is so crucial to the church planter and the church, church planting wives need support, encouragement, and help in their roles. They need an apt word from someone who has been there and applicable biblical wisdom that will sustain them.

Finally, a rich resource is available for the wives of church planters: The Church Planting Wife: Help and Hope for Her Heart, which I wrote out of my own need and experiences in those first few years of planting.

The Church Planting Wife is a practical guide for wives of church planters, who when the faith-filled adventure of church planting turns into fear-filled reality, find themselves asking one question: “What have I gotten myself into?” The book speaks to her greatest internal struggles—sacrifice, uncertainty, loneliness, fear, stress, and discouragement—and offers her guidance, encouragement, and hope.

Each chapter addresses an internal struggle common to church planting wives, offers biblical wisdom and practical strategies for combating those struggles, and shares anecdotes from seasoned church planting wives, including Lauren Chandler, Jennifer Carter, Brandi Wilson, Amanda Jones, Ginger Vassar, and Yvette Mason.

I have learned that church planting is difficult work, but it is also a positive, rewarding, faith-filled adventure. This resource will aid church planting wives at every twist and turn of the journey. It will help them do it well.



: Christine Hoover is the author of The Church Planting Wife: Help and Hope for Her Heart. She has contributed to the Desiring God blog, In(courage), The Gospel Coalition,, and Christianity Today, and blogs for ministry wives at Christine and her husband Kyle, a church planting pastor, have three boys.





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