Why Plant Calvary Chapel Churches? pt 3

This is the third of a four part series that appear every Friday. Read part 1 and part 2.

3. To Advance God’s Kingdom

There are several general advantages that new churches offer to advance God’s kingdom including but not limited to the following:

a. Increased vitality: Churches generally grow fastest during their first fifteen years and decline after thirty. New churches provide new life into communities.

b. Increased options: Different churches tend to appeal to different people. For the unchurched and those in a rut a new church provides an option that didn’t exist before.

c. Removes obstacles of traditions & resistance to change: Starting new churches is difficult but is often easier than trying to save dead or dying churches. Jesus spoke of the difficulty of pouring new wine into old wineskins [Mt.9:16-17]. The tendency is for churches to become set in traditions and resistant to change. Like an old wineskin they lose elasticity and the ability to change or expand. New churches avoid that problem as there is no history of tradition or resistance to change. Also, church planters and other leaders will gain credibility as leaders faster in a new work than an existing work. It can take years for new leaders to gain/earn credibility in an existing church. On the other hand, in a church plant, leaders establish credibility essentially instantly.

d. New churches speak best to the next generation: The next generation of leaders in an established church often feel like they serve in the shadow of the prior generation. In a new work they can be free to express the truth of God in a way that reflects their generation. This is often an effective bridge to others of their generation.

f. Leadership development opportunities: New churches need various new leaders. This need becomes a catalyst for new leaders to fill the need.

g. More effective use of resources: New churches tend to maximize leverage regarding facilities, payroll, and operations/ministry. New churches are generally more efficient than established churches as they tend to rely more heavily upon volunteers and are often limited regarding the use of facilities to weekend rental.



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