ReEngage 2013: Nairobi recap

We’ve had a very successful run of ReEngage intensives so far (and still have 1 left) in 2013! So far, ReEngage intensives have happened in 5 U.S. states, 4 countries, on 4 continents! The whole world needs to see and hear what God is doing through the faithful teaching of God’s Word! Here’s a recap of ReEngage Nairobi from Pastor Ed Compean…


In God’s sovereignty Calvary Chapel was birthed in one of the most privileged American suburban settings in a time of great cultural change. By the power of God’s Spirit that privilege was leveraged to spread God’s word through the planting of Calvary Chapel churches that then planted healthy Calvary Chapel churches far from those origins. While having the honor to host the Calvary Church Planting Network ReEngage 13 Conference in Nairobi, I considered how God is continuing to spread that influence in diverse places. At this conference I could see great honor and reverence for the early work of the Spirit in the movement, but I could also see the future of Calvary Chapel is beginning to look much different.

At ReEngage Nairobi we were asked questions that were likely never considered in the Southern California settings of our founders. A young Masai church planter working among a group of pastoralists began the question and answer session by asking, “If we follow the shepherds with their cows and only meet under a tree, is that still a Calvary Chapel?” It was not long ago that meeting in school cafeterias, the use of electric guitars in worship, and pastors wearing jeans raised legitimate questions for churches in the suburbs of our origins. The questions being raised for the next generation of churches are just as legitimate and is evidence of God spreading the influence of Jesus through the Calvary Chapel Movement for another generation.

“If we follow the shepherds with their cows and only meet under a tree, is that still a Calvary Chapel?”

As God continues to use our movement among some of the least reached and hardest to reach peoples, these and others will be real questions for church planters and mentors to work through. Some of the questions will be challenging our methodologies like working through our idea of verse by verse Bible teaching among peoples that do not have a Bible translated into their mother tongue. Other situations reveal the depth of sin like when one pastor asked, “What can we do when someone comes into the church with multiple wives?” He continued to ask if baptizing a polygamist is permissible.

A few generations ago God used the Calvary Chapel Movement, and others, to draw drugged and burned out hippies to Himself in what some have called a beautiful and unique work of the Spirit. There is still much work to be done, but it is my belief that God is again doing a grand supernatural move of His Spirit in reaching the final peoples very far from that original work. As I consider the churches and, Lord willing, future churches of our movement here in Africa, I praise Him that He is again using our movement in a mighty way. There was a day when barefooted hippies and surfers forced people back to the Book of Acts to define church. It is exciting to again go to the Bible to consider what the next generation of Calvary Chapel churches will look like among tribal peoples, urban slum dwellers, pastoralists and in dense African cities.


We wanted to give you a visual of our latest ReEngage intensive that happened in Nairobi, Kenya on October 18. Pastors Ed Compean (Calvary Chapel Githurai) and Bruze Zachary (Calvary Nexus) led the intensive. The turn out was great and God moved in a powerful way as they sought to train up more church planters and equip mentors. Here’s a look at our Kenya intensive…



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