20 Questions to Ask Before Preaching This Easter

Brandon Hilgemann posted this helpful blog at pastors.com (a great resource for pastors and ministry leaders). Consider the questions below as you prepare for an exciting Easter weekend…

Easter Sunday is like the Superbowl of preaching.

This may be your largest attended service of the year. Statistically, people are more open to visiting a church on Easter (and Christmas) than any other time of year.

Because of this, your Easter sermon is infinitely important.

The eternal destination of many people in attendance is hanging in the balance. For many of them, this is the only chance you will get this year to reach them. For some, it will be your last chance ever.

The weight of responsibility on a pastor to preach on Easter Sunday should not be underestimated.

As you put in the study, hard work, and spiritual preparation to preach this Easter, here are 20 questions to ask yourself.

20 Questions to Ask Before Preaching This Easter

  1. Have I prayed about my sermon, given it over to God, and asked for the supernatural guidance of the Holy Spirit?
  2. Have I faithfully interpreted the Bible without addition or subtraction?
  3. Does this sermon make a clear presentation of the Gospel message?
  4. Have I used any Christian terminology that may be confusing or need explanation for visitors?
  5. Is this sermon written with non-believers in mind?
  6. Can I summarize the purpose of my Easter sermon in a sentence?
  7. Is the sermon focused on a singular purpose or are there unnecessary tangents that I should leave out?
  8. What should people do as a result of listening to this sermon?
  9. How should people  feel as a result of listening this sermon?
  10. Is this sermon longer than the attention span of my guest audience?
  11. Are there any elements of humor that will get people to laugh?
  12. Have I included any engaging stories or illustrations to support the point of the sermon?
  13. Is there anyone I could (or should) ask for feedback on my sermon before I preach it?
  14. Have I done everything I can to equip my congregation to invite other people to hear the sermon?
  15. Have I actually invited anyone to come hear the sermon?
  16. Have I asked my church to pray for the salvation of others, and have I led by example in praying for others too?
  17. What is our strategy for maximizing the chance of people coming back to hear the next sermon?
  18. Is there any unrepentant sin in my life that I need to address before I call others to repent?
  19. Have I fully prepared and practiced?
  20. Is this the absolute best I can do?



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