God Is Not Done in Europe!

Perhaps you’ve been told, as I have, that Europe is “Post-Christian.” Nearly every time I’ve been informed of this tidbit it has been from someone that has (1) not been to Europe in a very long time or (2) never ventured outside of their North American bubble. Often in the same breath I’m informed of “scores of churches being turned into Mosques” in the UK and that the same is just about to happen in the US. Don’t misunderstand, I’m sure that stats would prove that Europe is less “Christian” than it was at the height of the Reformation. Probably even less Christian than it was 100 years ago. But as one who lived in London for a time as a child and then in Germany for a year as an adult, I have a slightly different, and more optimistic outlook.

God is not done in Europe! As the face of Christianity continues to sweep south and east, I am encouraged that the land of the Protestant Reformation is still in need of and ripe for the Gospel and Gospel passionate churches.

At the beginning of May I was privileged to return to Northwest Germany, with a group of Calvary Chapel pastors, to share at a Christian Leadership conference in Siegen, Germany. Once again my heart was full of joy as I worshiped alongside of nearly 500 leaders from churches in Germany, the UK, Switzerland, Sweden and several other Western European nations. God is at work! He has not “left the building.” And one of the most significant proofs that the work continues is a team of Calvary Chapel Pastors in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany that are actively gathering to pray for the 26 largest cities of their region, with the goal of seeing churches planted in each of them by 2040.

Großstadtliebhaber is an initiative, in partnership with CCPN to strategically visit and pray for each of the 26 cities over the next 52 weeks. I know that the team in Germany would be blessed if you would remember these cities in your prayers as well. May the Lord do exceedingly abundantly above all that we are asking and imagining!

Weeks | City
1 / 27 | Aachen
2 / 28 | Bergisch Gladbach
3 / 29 | Bielefeld
4 / 30 | Bochum
5 / 31 | Bonn
6 / 32 | Bottrop
7 / 33 | Dortmund
8 / 34 | Duisburg
9 / 35 | Gelsenkirchen
10 / 36 | Hagen
11 / 37 | Hamm
12 / 38 | Herne
13 / 39 | Stadt nach Wahl
14 / 40 | Krefeld
15 / 41 | Leverkusen
16 / 42 | Moers
17 / 43 | Mönchengladbach
18 / 44 | Mülheim
19 / 45 | Neuss
20 / 46 | Oberhausen
21 / 47 | Paderborn
22 / 48 | Recklinghausen
23 / 49 | Remscheid
24 / 50 | Solingen
25 / 51 | Witten
26 / 52 | Wuppertal

Pastor Miles DeBenedictis is the Senior Pastor of Cross Connection Church in North San Diego, CA. Besides having a passion to equip and train leaders in the local church, Pastor Miles is one of the founders of the Calvary Church Planting Network. He also teaches church planting at Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, CA. You can follow Pastor Miles on Twitter.



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