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Why Plant Calvary Chapel Churches Pt 1

1. To Fulfill the Purpose of the Church Research published in 2009 [summary of American Religious Identification Survey] reveals that 80- 85% of churches in America have reached a plateau or have declined. Win Arn’s research in 2007 found similar results among the estimated 350,000 various protestant churches in the U.S. In 2007 an estimated […]

Dispelling Myths About Church Planting

There are countless myths about church planting, but today I’d love an opportunity to dispel three: Myth #1: church planting will harm the sending church! To the contrary, church planting almost always enhances the sending church. Church planting energizes the sending church. The next generation is empowered and inspired as new lanes are opened for […]

Calvary Church Planting in Mexico

I just returned from a well-attended 1-day conference for pastors and potential church planters hosted by Horizonte, a Calvary Chapel in Ensenada. Pastor Juan Domingo, a church planter, founded the church. I believe that Juan was the first Calvary pastor to plant internationally. Juan has planted several churches in Mexico that continue to thrive. Jonathan […]

Developing Authentic Relationships

How can a growing church remain intimate? The bigger you get the smaller you must get … a. Community groups: The early church expanded exponentially so that thousands were gathering. Yet, smaller group gatherings in homes were an essential feature of the early church [Ac.2:46, 5:42, 20:20]. Whether they are called “home groups” “life groups” […]

Reaching the Next Generation

a. the problem: Francis Schaeffer observed, “Not being able to change, to change under the Holy Spirit, is ugly. The same applies to church polity and practice. In a rapidly changing age like ours, an age of total upheaval like ours, to make non-absolutes absolutes guarantees both isolation and the death of the institutional and […]

Systematic Theology

a. what is a dispensational system of theology? we follow a dispensational system of theology, which is contrast below with the reform or covenant system. Dispensationalism is a system of theology that has two primary distinctives. 1) a consistently literal interpretation of Scripture, especially Bible prophecy. 2) a distinction between Israel and the church in […]

Attitude of Grace

There is a tension as local churches try to effectively carry out the mandate to see people restored in their relationship with God. There are some local churches that seem very harsh inflexible legalistic and create apparent roadblocks to repentance and restoration that go beyond the Scriptures. On the other hand, there are some local […]