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How Did Jesus Make Disciples Part 1

The is a guest blog post by Pilgrim Benham, pastor of Reality Church in Tampa Bay, Floriday I hear it on tweets and status updates constantly: WE NEED TO BE MAKING DISCIPLES. This year’s Exponential Conference was subtitled DiscipleShift. It seems that there is a healthy return and reemphasis on the church’s top priority, the mission […]

Provoking Thoughts on Church Planting

Some Provoking Thoughts on Church Planting “Lord, they have killed Your prophets and torn down your altars, and I alone am left, and they seek my life.” But what does the divine response say to Him …” [Rom.11:3-4] The Christian faith is in decline in America. Thom Rainer’s research reveals that Bridgers [born 1977 to […]

New Believers Ministry

Paul’s New Believers’ Ministry We often tell those who have recently come to know the Lord to do four things: pray, read the Bible, go to church, and share your faith. I’ve always been a bit concerned that we are, from the minute someone gives their life to Jesus, giving them rules to obey. Certainly, […]

Calvary Chapel: Name & Logo

a. Calvary Chapel: Calvary Chapel was the name of a small, non-denominational church in Orange County during the 60’s that was looking for a new pastor and asked Chuck Smith, a former Four- Square pastor, to become their new leader. They retained their name under his tenure. “Calvary” refers to the place of Jesus’ crucifixion […]

Duration of Ministry

a. Long-term vs. short-term: Ideally the pastor will lead the new church to start others but will remain as pastor of the original church because he’s a pastor with a missionary’s heart rather than a missionary with a pastor’s heart. The founding pastor learns church planting since it is needed to start the church but […]