Calvary Chapel Via in Managua, Nicaragua

Pastor Rob Trohon shares about how Calvary Chapel Via (“the Way”) was planted in Managua, Nicaragua. Take 3 minutes and enjoy this video, then pray for the work God is doing in Nicaragua!

ReEngage Conference Video Content

The video content from our recent ReEngage Church Planting Conference in Costa Mesa is now available! We’ll be releasing a few videos each day until they’re all available.

As you’ll see, the videos contain powerful and informative information for pastor, church planters, mentors, and so much more. We would encourage you to take some time to watch the videos as they become available, and make sure to pass them on to people in your social circles.

The video content can be accessed at

We hope you’re blessed by these videos and that you launch out in faith to what God is calling you to!

The Benefit of Partnering with CCPN

Watch the 4-minute video below to hear from Pastors John Spencer and Neil Spencer, both church planters and pastor of Calvary Chapels, about their view on being involved with the Calvary Church Planting Network.

Make sure to look around the website while you’re here, and explore all the great resources that are available right here!

Strange Fire – Friendly Fire | An Interview With Pastor Brian Brodersen

Pastor John MacArthur recently held a conference in California called Strange Fire, where he addressed the gifts of the Holy Spirit and his opinion on their use in churches today. He also had some remarks to say about Calvary Chapel and our emergence during the Jesus Movement of the 60s and 70s. This 22-minute interview is a response by Pastor Brian Brodersen (Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa) about John MacArthur’s comments…

Calvary Church Planting Network | How We Got Here…

Church Planting Sit Down with Steve Ogne

Church Planting Key Elements

Pastor Bruce Zachary discusses the four key elements of a church planting network and why we are excited about the Calvary Church Planting Network.

Church Planting Key Elements » Bruce Zachary

The CCPN Process

In case you’re not familiar with Calvary Church Planting Network, or if you’re looking to get started in the CCPN process, here’s a video that will quickly and concisely walk you through the process. Bruce Zachary does a great job succinctly summing up the process, defining the vision of CCPN, and pointing you in the right direction. Take 3 1/2 minutes and watch the video below. If you know someone who is interested in planting a Calvary, make sure to pass this resource onto them as well!

Bible App For Kids

As parents and as pastors, we’re always in search of ways to help people engage more in God’s Word. Technology has opened many new doors for ways that people can get into God’s Word, and there’s a new door opening…

One thing almost every American has on them at almost every waking moment is their smart phone. The team at created an incredible resource for smart phones, tablets, and computers called YouVersion. The YouVersion Bible app has been installed over 100 million times and is used by people around the world to read, watch, and listen to the Bible. It’s available in hundreds of versions in over 100 different languages! It’s an unprecedented technological distribution of God’s Word that we cannot afford to overlook or utilize.

With the infiltration of technology, and kids as young as just 1 or 2 years old using iPhones and iPads, the team at YouVersion has just released a revolutionary new Bible app just for kids!

Your kids can journey through some of their favorite (or soon-to-be favorite) Bible stories, interact with them, and learn as they go.

As a parent, this is a priceless resources to use with your kids.

As a pastor, this is a valuable tool to pass on to your church to get families into the Bible together!

Below is a preview of the new kids’ Bible app in action. Download it for FREE on their website.