God Is Not Done in Europe!

Perhaps you’ve been told, as I have, that Europe is “Post-Christian.” Nearly every time I’ve been informed of this tidbit it has been from someone that has (1) not been to Europe in a very long time or (2) never ventured outside of their North American bubble. Often in the same breath I’m informed of “scores of churches being turned into Mosques” in the UK and that the same is just about to happen in the US. Don’t misunderstand, I’m sure that stats would prove that Europe is less “Christian” than it was at the height of the Reformation. Probably even less Christian than it was 100 years ago. But as one who lived in London for a time as a child and then in Germany for a year as an adult, I have a slightly different, and more optimistic outlook.

God is not done in Europe! As the face of Christianity continues to sweep south and east, I am encouraged that the land of the Protestant Reformation is still in need of and ripe for the Gospel and Gospel passionate churches.

At the beginning of May I was privileged to return to Northwest Germany, with a group of Calvary Chapel pastors, to share at a Christian Leadership conference in Siegen, Germany. Once again my heart was full of joy as I worshiped alongside of nearly 500 leaders from churches in Germany, the UK, Switzerland, Sweden and several other Western European nations. God is at work! He has not “left the building.” And one of the most significant proofs that the work continues is a team of Calvary Chapel Pastors in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany that are actively gathering to pray for the 26 largest cities of their region, with the goal of seeing churches planted in each of them by 2040.

Großstadtliebhaber is an initiative, in partnership with CCPN to strategically visit and pray for each of the 26 cities over the next 52 weeks. I know that the team in Germany would be blessed if you would remember these cities in your prayers as well. May the Lord do exceedingly abundantly above all that we are asking and imagining!

Weeks | City
1 / 27 | Aachen
2 / 28 | Bergisch Gladbach
3 / 29 | Bielefeld
4 / 30 | Bochum
5 / 31 | Bonn
6 / 32 | Bottrop
7 / 33 | Dortmund
8 / 34 | Duisburg
9 / 35 | Gelsenkirchen
10 / 36 | Hagen
11 / 37 | Hamm
12 / 38 | Herne
13 / 39 | Stadt nach Wahl
14 / 40 | Krefeld
15 / 41 | Leverkusen
16 / 42 | Moers
17 / 43 | Mönchengladbach
18 / 44 | Mülheim
19 / 45 | Neuss
20 / 46 | Oberhausen
21 / 47 | Paderborn
22 / 48 | Recklinghausen
23 / 49 | Remscheid
24 / 50 | Solingen
25 / 51 | Witten
26 / 52 | Wuppertal

Pastor Miles DeBenedictis is the Senior Pastor of Cross Connection Church in North San Diego, CA. Besides having a passion to equip and train leaders in the local church, Pastor Miles is one of the founders of the Calvary Church Planting Network. He also teaches church planting at Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, CA. You can follow Pastor Miles on Twitter.

CCPN Central Coast Roundtable Roundup

The Calvary Chapel Church Planting Network held a regional roundtable earlier this month for interested church-planters at Calvary Chapel Nexus in Camarillo, CA.

Pastor Bruce Zachary, Lead Pastor at CC Nexus, the host of Roundtable, began the time by addressing the urgent need in being intentional in church planting. He laid out a compelling case for the call to plant churches. Pastor Bruce has a gift in making the complex simple and readily accessible. He spoke to some church-planting myths that keep some current and potential pastors staled in getting started in this important aspect of discipleship.

In a short time, Pastor Bruce amply covered 1) Why We Should Plant, 2) Obstacles to Planting, 3) Resources for Planting. Several times he referenced the CCPN Church Planting Manual as a tool for mentors to equip future church planters.

Pastor Lance Ralston, Lead Pastor at Calvary Chapel Oxnard, in Southern California was the other Roundtable presenter. He spoke to the importance of quality leadership and the vital role of a well-articulated vision for church planters. Pastor Lance defined godly vision as, “A Spirit-inspired picture of a preferred future. It describes what we will be when we arrive at the destination God intends.”
Through his message Pastor Lance expressed church planting rises or falls on godly leadership and those who are leading need to know where they’re going. He said vision is the “Where” a leader needs to develop and share with those he’s leading. To help Church-Planting Pastors & Teams to know where they’re going and VISION for the church plant, Pastor Lance has developed a vision development tool free (like all CCPN resources) for download through the CCPN website.

What makes these Roundtable settings valuable is the connections that are made with potential church planters. Connecting planter with resources is an important part of expanding God’s kingdom. The opportunity for questions and answers that wraps up the session provides people with helpful insights and encouragement. Often people voiced a question, and discovered there are several others with precisely the same concern. With a room of several dozen mentors, fellow church planters and experienced senior pastors, the wisdom to be gleaned is considerable.

The feedback from the Roundtable in Camarillo strongly supports the idea these regional gatherings are integral to Calvary Chapel’s church planting mission. A schedule of future CCPN Roundtables across the globe and other opportunities to gather are on the CCPN website.

Many thanks to Pastor Bruce, Pastor Lance and the people of CC Nexus for hosting this CCCPN Roundtable.

Church Planting Conference in Panama

What is the purpose of the church? Pastor Bruce Zachary, from Calvary Nexus in Camarillo CA, and the director of CCPN, began his teaching session with that question to an audience of pastors and leaders in Margaritas de Chepo, Province of Panamá. The question caught them by surprise, because although its one of the most important things we as Christians need to know, not all believers out there have a clear understanding of what is Gods plan for His church. At the conference we considered the need to reach the lost, make disciples, and develop leaders to fulfill the purpose of the church. What a joy it was to see pastors enjoying the teaching of the Word of God, because many of them came from different denominations and never had a chance to be trained for the work of the ministry.

We at Calvary Chapel Panamá prayed for this opportunity, so to actually see this taking place was such a blessing. God used Pastor Bruce to encourage the pastors to teach the Word of God and to be filled with the Holy Spirit. The conference ended with a time for questions and testimonies and we were left with the impression that the teaching was greatly welcomed. A Calvary Church Planting Network Manual was given to all pastors in attendance and what a joy it was to see them blessed to have such a great material in their hands. We pray that pastors and leaders who attended the conference will continue to reach out to the lost, to make disciples and to train leaders; teaching the Word of God and being guided by the Holy Spirit. The final outcome exceedingly surpassed what we anticipated, truly our God is faithful and His ways are past finding out.
We thank God for Pastor Bruce and for the CCPN. We can see how these materials are making an impact in Latin America. We hope to see healthy churches, especially Calvary Chapels, planted and established in each province in Panama, and throughout Central America. Well continue to pray for future opportunities to serve the Lord together and for the possibilities to do the same in other countries in Central America as well.
Pastor Bert Almazan and his wife Veronica went as missionaries to Panama in 2008 and have been used to establish Calvary Chapel Panamá, in Port Of La Chorrera, as well as other churches. Pastor Bert can be followed on Twitter, @panamabert.

2014 CCPN Nairobi Roundtable

At the 2013 CCPN Nairobi Roundtable there was the sense of a great movement of God for new church plants throughout Kenya, East Africa and the whole African continent. We spoke of an initiative to encourage planting of 500 new churches in the next decade among the 54 countries, about 2,000 languages, 3,000 tribes and 1.2-billion individuals. This week we held the 2014 CCPN Roundtable themed on equipping and it was good to hear from church planters, mentors and church planting coaches that new churches are being established and progress is being made towards reaching the goal.

The main sessions were themed on equipping, with a side session to minister to and help equip church planter wives wand those that minister to them. I taught a very practical session titled “Equipping Mentors and Church Planters,” and Pastor Murigi Kariuki from Calvary Chapel Githurai presented a very thought provoking session titled, “Equipping the Next Generation.” 

Maybe the most hard hitting message was the final session from Pastor Stephen Otieno Nyandege from Calvary Chapel Lakeside in Kisumu. Using Acts 13:1-3 as his main text, Stephen spoke directly to senior pastors about continuing the equipping of church planters and their families after they have left to begin the work. He connected the importance of the work of the Holy Spirit and the authority of the sending church to identify and support the church planter and then examples of his being helped in the plant at Kisumu for years after he and his family began. Stephen included the need for mentor pastors to visit and actively take part in the new church, especially in helping the new pastors develop vision for their next steps. He then gave examples of how he and the church in Kisumu provides support to men and their families sent to establish churches in Kilgoris, Mbale and Kisii. 

During a chai break we took time for church planters to give three-minute testimonies regarding the work they are called to. There was applause to hear of God’s work of establishing churches in remote villages as well as plans to plant in urban centers. Several people from outside the Calvary Chapel Movement were surprised to hear of the fellowship and support mentors receive from their sending church.

From the eastern edge of this immense continent it is overwhelming to consider the vast stretches of unreached peoples. It can be discouraging to consider the inroads Islam and cults are making in this land. Yet the 2014 CCPN Nairobi Roundtable provided great encouragement and needed momentum. Since 2013 fledgling churches in Kisii, Mataara, and Kagame have come up. We’ve heard testimony of works in progress in places as diverse as Thika, Kilgoris and Mbale. Pastors stood up and were glad to say they believe God is calling them to send planters to numerous areas in 2015. Those numbers are still far from the 500 we spoke of in 2013, but we know great works are going on in Uganda, South Africa, DRC and South Sudan. I rejoice in significant progress and the benchmark the CCPN Roundtable provides to see this.


Ed Compean is a church planting coach based in Nairobi with his wife Kelli. You can read their blog or follow him on Twitter @Ed_Compean.

CCPN 2014

CCPN 2014

Reflections on the Northern California and Nevada Pastors’ & Leaders’ Conference

I just returned from the gathering of the Northern California and Northern Nevada Calvary Chapel leaders hosted by Rich Chaffin of CC Laguna Creek. The team at CCLC did an amazing job of extending hospitality at their beautiful campus. Pastor Rich is insightful, generous, Spirit-led, has a great sense of humor, and is clearly loved by the CC leaders of the area.

The group is diverse like the regions represented. The extent of the diversity is to some extent truly unique. Imagine the areas represented: Silicon Valley tech giants and start-ups alike, Bay Area hipsters and former hippies, Steinbeck-esque farming communities, coastal communities renown for giant redwoods and cannabis, rural mountain communities separated from one another and flatlanders alike. These regions are also known for an uncompromising rugged individuality. That dynamic could be aggravated in a movement of autonomous churches who could function entirely independently. Yet there were about 300 leaders who chose to come together to be encouraged, equipped, edified, and to celebrate the great things that Christ is doing in these days in the world and our movement. They chose to be a truly relational network of churches with a common philosophy and theology.

There is a strong heritage of CCA leadership in the region. Pastors Don McClure and Damian Kyle provided a strong platform. Pastors Rich Chaffin, John Snoderly, Bill Holdridge, and Tim Brown are continuing to provide effective Spirit-led leadership that honors our heritage and is moving forward to advance God’s kingdom in the region. I was blessed as usual by the solid Bible teaching of Pastor David Guzik. But what may have touched me the most was the anointed Bible teaching of Nate and Bill Holdridge. The sense of a father and son who are both gifted teachers, leaders, and pillars in the area was a marvelous picture of the influence of the former and new generations in our movement. Same DNA passed to a new generation and manifest with passion and zeal for the new works that Christ is doing. I was inspired by relatively new church planters like Joshua Sisco in San Francisco and Jared Thomsen in Walnut Creek (East Bay) as well as many other next gen leaders that I got to meet.

The sense of a father and son who are both gifted teachers, leaders, and pillars in the area was a marvelous picture of the influence of the former and new generations in our movement.

The regional leaders had a church-planting panel Q&A where I had an opportunity to share the vision of CCPN and participate along with new and seasoned planters. I’m so glad to see session time in a CCA regional conference devoted to the theme of planting CC churches. Truly the health of our movement is enhanced by celebrating church planting and sharing a vision to encourage it. Lord willing the discussion of church planting at our conferences will become typical; and we will continue to plant healthy CC churches throughout the globe. So despite way too many miles in the car in two days I’m feeling wonderfully refreshed in the Lord.

My only complaint: way too many Giants fans for this So Cal die-hard Dodgers fan.

Pastor Bruce Zachary pastors Calvary Nexus in Camarillo, CA. Find out more at He also serves as the Director of CCPN.

ReEngage:14 Reflections

ReEngage:14 was AMAZING! The excitement about church planting and this season in the Calvary Chapel Movement was palpable. Our gathering was well attended with pastors, prospective planters, and their wives traveling from diverse parts of the country and globe to attend.

_JCC2235 - Version 2We were blessed by the teaching, presence, and wisdom  of men who have been and are pillars in our movement. Tom Stipe of Crossroads Church of Denver, the first CC pastor to plant outside of California, reminded us of “What Makes Calvary Distinct.” So many young attendees were encouraged and reminded of the rich history of our movement from a leader who has been there from the beginning. Skip Heitzig, of CC Albuquerque, helped seasoned pastors and planters alike learn “How to Teach the Bible” more effectively. Skip inevitably sets the bar high. Brian Broderson of CC Costa Mesa was a gracious host who engaged all who attended. His teaching on “The Need For Spiritual Empowerment” was practical profound and vulnerable. Cheryl Broderson inspired us with a message about “The Planter’s Wife.” Lloyd Pulley of CC Old Bridge, New Jersey gave an inspiring message about “Being Disciples who Make Disciples.”

In addition men like Juan Domingo and Jaime Foote who have effectively been patriarchs of the CC movement in Mexico were present and were able to celebrate the accelerated expansion of the CC movement in Mexico where there are presently over 100 CC churches (the greatest number outside of the U.S.). They, along with all of the attendees, were encouraged and inspired by the teaching of new generation CC leaders in Mexico including Jonathan Domingo who taught “Relational Evangelism” and Mike Vincent who spoke about “The Need for Relationships” and “International Opportunities” (along with Ed Compean of Nairobi, Kenya). The leading and teaching of next generation CC leaders also included Miles DeBenedictis, Neil Spencer, Kevin Miller, and Josh Turansky. They provided practical insights and wisdom beyond their years, and encouraged their peers and the “seasoned” guests as well.

There were practical workshops and provoking panel discussions. We were blessed with great times of fellowship, worship, and prayer together. But what may have been the most memorable part for me is the awareness of a fresh work of the Holy Spirit in this season that is stirring CC leaders to reengage in our legacy of church planting. There was a discernable optimism among those who attended. Those leaders who

_JCC2318 - Version 3were present when the first waves of exponential expansion of the CC movement through church planting throughout the U.S. and internationally shared their wisdom and experiences. But they could also rejoice in a new generation that was being stirred to continue that good and noble work and expand to new venues in need of a healthy CC church. New leaders who are inspired, empowered, and led by the Holy Spirit and trained to replicate the DNA of our theology and philosophy of ministry that makes us a distinct movement in the global Church. And that seems very Calvary Chapel to me, and those who were blessed to attend.

We at CCPN were blessed and hope to continue to provide resources that can be used as tools for those who are interested in them. Our hope is to assist pastors and prospective planters to be better equipped to plant healthy CC churches that can replicate more healthy CC churches.

Moving Forward in Mexico City

Pastor Mike Vincent is the Senior Pastor of the Calvary Chapel located in Rosarito, MX. Mike and Sarah Vincent moved to Rosarito Mexico in 2002 as missionaries with a small team to plant a bilingual church called Calvary Chapel Rosarito. Since then, they have witnessed God’s powerful hand at work and the church now ministers to over 1000 people weekly and has had the privilege of raising up and sending out 4 church planters.

Pastor Bruce Zachary and I were blessed to attend the Mexico Pastors Conference located in one of the 10 largest cities in the world, Mexico City! The conference was hosted by Pastors Jonathon Domingo and Fermin IV (both CCPN core team partners) and the event was held at Fermin’s church “Semilla de Mostaza” (mustard seed). This was the first year that this annual conference was for Senior Pastors and their wives only, and that contributed to an intimate setting conducive to fellowship, conversation, and prayer.

The conference teaching format was unique and something that most of us had never experienced.

The conference teaching format was unique and something that most of us had never experienced. Instead of teaching verse by verse through a book of the Bible, we studied the most often mentioned local church in the Bible, the church of Ephesus. Each Pastor was assigned a specific text that related to an aspect of that local church, and they then expounded from the scriptures and applied practical lessons to our local church contexts today.

There was a strong church planting vibe that permeated throughout the conference. Pastor Bruce was able to share the heart and vision of the Calvary Church Planting Network and the Pastors were encouraged to partner with CCPN in their future church planting endeavors. There were several new church planters in attendance that were able to share their testimonies throughout the conference, and I would like to share one of those testimonies with you.

Pastor Lalo and his wife Lilia were sent out of their home church, (Semilla de Mostaza) to plant a church in Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico. Monterrey, the third largest city in Mexico with a population of around 4 million, has never had a Calvary Chapel church plant. Lalo and his wife moved there last year with plans to find employment and get involved in the community before they opened the church. But as the word began to leak out that they were coming to plant this church, they were met by a group of people excited to partner with them. Because of this outpouring of support for the church plant, Lalo and Lilia never got around to finding jobs as they were immediately thrust into a young but thriving church. After just one year, their church (Semilla de Mostaza Monterrery) is averaging over 100 adults in attendance! (And they are still using an ipod to help them lead worship!) Please keep this and all of the future Mexico church plants in your prayers!

After just one year, their church (Semilla de Mostaza Monterrery) is averaging over 100 adults in attendance! (And they are still using an ipod to help them lead worship!)

Presently Mexico, with the most Calvary Chapel churches internationally outside of the USA, is a hotbed of missions work and church planting. As we met and prayed and discussed and strategized, the excitement surrounding church planting and the part that CCPN will play continued to build. Thankfully many of CCPN’s core materials including the Church planting manual and the Coaching manual have already been translated into Spanish, with several more translations in the works!

As we met and prayed and discussed and strategized, the excitement surrounding church planting and the part that CCPN will play continued to build.

God has great things planned for the Calvary Chapel movement in Mexico, and CCPN has and will continue to play a great part in the church planting movement in Mexico. 

 Have you registered yet for ReEngage 14??? Check out more info here.

Why ReEngage 14 Is For You!

Pastor Bruce Zachary (CCPN Director) & Senior Pastor of Calvary Nexus in Camarillo, CA.

There are several reasons why you should invest your resources and time to attend this year’s conference at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa 9.29-30.14. To Equip — To Encourage — To Engage

To Equip: Starting a new churchis often the most difficult challenge that a church planter will experience in his life. This reality is a catalyst to ensure that we are responsible to invest resources to ensure that they are equipped for the task. Mentors need to be better equipped to train planters and planters need to receive training and resources that are consistent with our movement. We need to ensure the accurate and effective transmission of the Calvary Chapel DNA [our philosophy of ministry and theology] so that healthy CC churches are established. This year’s conference line-up of main session speakers and workshop leaders are well known, gifted, and leaders in our movement. Most importantly they will address practical and critical aspects of the equipping process. Furthermore, they will be available to those that attend to talk, equip, and encourage you in the process. You simply won’t get that experience by seeking resources on-line.

“We need to ensure the accurate and effective transmission of the Calvary Chapel DNA [our philosophy of ministry and theology] so that healthy CC churches are established.”

To Encourage: Gathering with other like-minded pastors, aspiring planters, and other leaders in various stages of the process of planting strengthens each participant. The opportunity to hear from others beyond our generally limited areas provides strength and comfort for the task at hand. The experience of gathering with familiar friends and making new friends who are passionate about church planting, the CC movement, and the greater Kingdom of God – people from all over the globe – is inspiring. You will discover that many of the concerns and fears: it is too complicated, too time consuming, too costly, or it will hurt the sending church were simply lies from the enemy of men’s souls. Until you hear it face to face from peers, and others in the trenches you are unlikely to take the necessary steps of faith to move forward in the process. You will be encouraged to be strong and of good courage and to cross the Jordan River and experience the Promised Land of church planting.

To Engage: There are potential mentors and prospective planters who have thought about the idea of church planting and been attracted to the concept. They have taken a peek at some resources or heard some exciting news and wondered, “God is this something that you are calling me (us) to?” They’ve been curious but have not engaged. Although they keep sensing, “Some day we are going to do that” they haven’t for months or even years. Committing resources for church planting is a catalyst to engage. By carving out time in your schedule and encouraging others to attend you begin to engage in the process and then it is only natural supernaturally to find yourself advancing God’s kingdom through church planting.

“By carving out time in your schedule and encouraging others to attend you begin to engage in the process and then it is only natural supernaturally to find yourself advancing God’s kingdom through church planting.”

So register, bring a team, invite prospective planters, mentors, and their wives, and be equipped, be encouraged and engage in church planting!

 Register for ReEngage 14 here!

CCPN Regional Roundtable Gatherings – Initial Impressions

This year, CCPN will be hosting Regional Roundtable Gatherings across the U.S. and overseas as well! Below, Bruce Zachary (CCPN Director) shares his take on the importance and value of these regional gatherings…

I recently completed my fourth roundtable gathering in the last few weeks. I’ve attended gatherings in the Philippines, Northern California Bay Area, Rosarito, Baja Mexico, and Portland, Oregon. In these gatherings I’ve had the opportunity to meet with more than 250 Calvary Chapel pastors, prospective planters and support team participants. Calvary Chapel is a network of churches in relationship with one another because we share a common philosophy of ministry and theology [core values]. Yet, in the midst of the routine and the micro-focus on the needs of the local church we can neglect the relational aspect. Roundtable gatherings are valuable and necessary to the health of a movement because they create develop and strengthen Christ-centered relationships that support a larger movement’s health.

Roundtable gatherings are valuable and necessary to the health of a movement because they create develop and strengthen Christ-centered relationships that support a larger movement’s health.  

One of the reasons that I like roundtable gatherings is the ability to hear from multiple people as they share their insights, questions, ideas, experience and testimonies. I love gathering in smaller groups and going around a table at the start of a gathering and hearing people share about why they are attending the gathering. You hear the story of the established Calvary Chapel pastor who is realizing the need for his church to engage in church planting and he’s not sure where to begin. You hear the story of the planter who has planted four or five years before and is struggling and is looking for answers.  You hear the testimony of the planter who is near the end of being trained and is starting to explore some areas to plant. Then his wife shares that she is there to support her husband, and she’s trying to figure out what she’s supposed to be doing as a church planter’s wife. And of course you’ll hear some experienced Calvary pastors share, “I wish something like this was available when I started twenty years ago.”

It is a blessing to meet folks who are just starting to be interested in the idea of church planting and who relatively recently heard about the Calvary Church Planting Network. Once they hear the vision, and discover the multitude of resources and the extensive support that is available through CCPN they share how excited they are to get started. It is also extremely valuable to me to hear ideas from these varied voices that add wisdom and ideas to our conversation about church planting in the CC movement.

I was reflecting about some of the people that I’ve met from different parts of the country and the world that I so greatly respect admire and desire to assist in the arduous task of church planting. And I believe that I’ve recently made some lifetime friends. I also appreciate how much I enjoy spending time with old friends and laughing with one another (and at one another). To witness old and new friends encourage and equip each other is a special treat.

So, my encouragement to pastors and planters alike is to make roundtable gatherings a priority for your own spiritual health, for the benefit of others who need to hear your voice, and for the benefit of our movement.

So, my encouragement to pastors and planters alike is to make roundtable gatherings a priority for your own spiritual health, for the benefit of others who need to hear your voice, and for the benefit of our movement. 

CCPN Regional Gatherings

As part of our commitment to relational support, mentoring, and church planting, CCPN is offering an opportunity for face-to-face informal gatherings in various regions for mentors, planters, and spouses. These gatherings will offer training on various topics, opportunities for Q&A, sharing ideas, triumphs, challenges, and to dialogue on enhancing church planting in the CC movement.

These gatherings provide opportunities to be encouraged, equipped, and develop relationships. The gatherings will include a meal, meaningful prayer time, and assessment guidance. Please find the nearest gathering and register today.

Join us if you can…

  1. SoCal — 3.12.14 @ Calvary Nexus, Camarillo, CA – hosted by Pastor’s Bruce Zachary & Miles DeBenedictis
  2. Philippines — 4.10-12.14 @ CC Dumaguete City – hosted by Joseph Jo and Bruce Zachary
  3. Northern California — 4.22.14 @ CC Fremont – hosted by Tim Brown and Bruce Zachary, RSVP Here
  4. Baja California, Mexico — 5.3.14 @ CC Rosarito – hosted by: Mike Vincent, Jonathan Domingo and Bruce Zachary, RSVP Here
  5. Pacific Northwest — 5.6.14 @ CC Portland – hosted by Terry McNabb and Bruce Zachary, RSVP Here
  6. Central Florida — 5.8.14 @ CC Melbourne – Hosted by Dave Folkerts, RSVP Here
  7. Northeast— 5.10.14 CC Old Bridge, NJ: Lloyd Pulley, Shawn Frasher, RSVP Here
  8. Southwest — 5.22.14 Calvary Community Church, Phoenix, AZ: Mark Martin, RSVP Here
  9. Midwest — 6.5.14 @ Crossroads Church of Denver – hosted by Tom Stipe and Ed Taylor, RSVP Here
  10. Mexico City — 7.17-19.14 – hosted by Bruce Zachary, Mike Vincent and Jonathan Domingo, RSVP Here
  11. East Africa — 8.22.14 @ CC Githurai, Nairobi, Kenya – hosted by: Ed Compean, and Murigi Kariuki, RSVP Here 
  12. Northwest Florida — 8.22.14 @ Coastline Gulf Breeze – hosted by: John & Neil Spencer, RSVP Here 
Some of the topics we’ll be discussing:
  1. Assessment – who should plant
  2. Teacher training
  3. CCPN vision
  4. How to know where you are called to plant
  5. First year planters triumphs & tragedies
  6. Creating a core team
  7. Scouting an area for a new church
  8. Transitional leadership
  9. Creating an effective prayer strategy for planters
  10. Evangelism/outreach
  11. Leader development
  12. Help for church-planting wives
  13. Business matters